Family Counseling

Family is one of the most powerful sources of support, encouragement and care for every individual.

Family Counseling Centennial CO

When one member struggles or is working hard to handle painful experiences, other family members care deeply and feel the effects. Sometimes, even a small conflict can strain relationships, and impact family harmony and unity.

Conflict comes to every family.

To thrive, families can use an expert’s assistance to learn how to cope and help each other grow through challenging experiences. We welcome adults and teens aged 15 and up.

What Is Family Counseling?

Counseling helps families to become a more cohesive unit by building stronger relationships so they are able to enjoy the happiness of being together. This type of therapy focuses on resolving conflict among family members that may arise due to parental restrictions, change in family scenarios to include divorce and blended families as well as other issues.

Family counseling empowers all of you to improve the whole family’s communication so you can better understand each person’s needs, and be able to support each other through difficult times.

What Can You Expect From Us?

We appreciate that as children become young adults, relationships change. Growing through these changes is both wonderful and confusing.  At Oak River Wellness, you will meet with a counselor who will offer you and your family non-judgmental and continuous support. You will learn how to resolve conflict and break down communication barriers in order to help each family member feel heard and understood.

Here, our counselors provide each family member opportunities to speak and safely share what they feel, how they feel, and what kind of support they seek from each other and as a family, all in an open and calm conversation.

We are Here for You

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