What It Means to Take Charge of Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

How many ways do we put our own well being on the sidelines?   So many of us put off taking good care of ourselves with thoughts like these:

“It’s not that important.”

“I just don’t have time right now.”

“I’m not that stressed.”

Today I’d like to help you gently consider what it means to take charge of your self care and your life. For many of us, old habits of mind take over, and we don’t notice we’ve forgotten to tend to our health and happiness.

If we put our health and wellbeing off until tomorrow, we will never get to it, because tomorrow never comes; it is always today.

What does it look like, mentally and physically, to make your wellbeing a priority?

Listening To Your Body

A great way to check how you’re caring for yourself is to listen to your body.

From the early subtle hints of a headache, tense muscles, fatigue, or upset stomach to the more pronounced signals such as migraines, viruses, insomnia, or anxiety, our body speaks out. These are all ways that our body tells us, “Slow down and please take care of me!”

Sharing Your Journey With a Friend

So, today you can choose to do something better for yourself, to nourish yourself, to replenish yourself.

As human beings, we thrive when we support each other. We can tap into the support system of family and friends. A healthy way to ask for help is to find someone you can talk to about making a change. Look for someone who can kindly encourage and remind you to care for yourself: an accountability buddy.

An accountability buddy is someone in your life who you trust to be honest, direct, and supportive of your self-care goals. This person can tune in, listen and reply with a heartfelt “Go, you!” when you have taken a positive step forward. A good friend or helper gives you an encouraging “You can do it!” when you feel like skipping a day.

Better yet, this person is willing to join you in your goals, for an offer of mutual accountability.

You (or you and your buddy) may also decide to add professional support. Taking good care of yourself can include working with a health coach, therapist, or exploring body therapies such as yoga or massage.

Mindful Ways to Care for Your Mind and Body

Another sign of taking good care of yourself when coping with life is that you have a balance of activities for mind and body.

Some powerful ways to help support a healthy mind and body are yoga, massage, meditation, a healthy diet, and exercise.

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it addresses mind and body at the same time. Yoga offers stretches and physical activity to calm the mind and body, while also providing a peaceful space for meditation and reflection.

Many people also practice meditation separately from yoga. Mindfulness meditation aids good self-care, because it is a deliberate way of welcoming awareness of the present moment. Research has found many surprising benefits from the practice of simply tending to calm awareness. Proven benefits of meditation include lowering stress, improving memory, and helping us focus our attention more productively later when we want to.

Many people find it helpful to have guided instructions when they are meditating for the first time, or every time. Some popular and helpful guides on YouTube include meditations by Tara Brach and Jon Kabat Zinn.

Massage and Reiki

Massage offers a way to release the tension that has built up in the body from prolonged stress, as well as a safe space for rejuvenation.

Reiki offers another set of healing techniques to balance the energies of the body. It involves attention to energies in specific regions of the body. Reiki is a healing approach that can bring these unbalanced energies back into balance, through either touch or no-touch techniques, creating a renewed sense of oneself.

A Reiki practitioner can help you enjoy the greatest benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Getting Off Autopilot Through Counseling

When we run on autopilot and miss the signs our bodies are giving us, we deplete our energy and feel drained.

At times in our lives, many of us need support from an outside source, someone who will accept and support us in our healing and self-care. Couples counseling or individual counseling provides a safe space for processing and reflection.

At Oak River Wellness, we offer individual and group counseling services. Because we take a whole-person approach to wellness, you can also find massage, Reiki and yoga therapies here in Centennial CO.

When You’re Caring Well For Yourself

“I’ll do better today.”

“I’ll make time.”

“I choose to do something about my stress now.”

“I’m worth it!”

Thoughts like these are signs of understanding what it means to take charge of your mental health.

Only you can give yourself the gift of rejuvenation and renewal today. You are worth it, and your body will happily thank you!

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