What is Reiki? Try This Reiki Practice and Feel Calmer in 10 minutes

Reiki Practice to try now, services in Centennial Colorado“I feel drained.”

“I could cut the tension with a knife.”

“Something feels off.” 

These expressions reveal the deep, yet subtle, inner workings and energetic wisdom of our bodies. I am about to share with you five simple steps that you can use at home to relax and revitalize your body in about ten minutes.

Think back to a time when you just knew something, without having any explanation. Perhaps you had a “gut feeling” that something was a good, or bad, idea. We can often feel the truth about a situation without having any visible evidence. This is called intuition, and it is regulated by the energies of our bodies. We are picking up on vibrations radiating from people, places, and things.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is based on the premise that our bodies hold this wisdom and are sustained through these energies. Reiki utilizes the seven chakras, or energy centers, of the body, each affecting how we feel in any given moment. When these energy centers are depleted through stress or crises, we get sick or feel drained. Reiki is a means by which we can nourish these energies, supporting clarity and calm.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation, based on the foundation of the gift of loving energy, from sender to recipient. Mikao Usui founded Reiki in Japan in the 1800s. Through meditation, Usui first experienced the power of Reiki for himself, then went on to share it with others.

Reiki and Yoga Compared

Reiki is similar to yoga in that it seeks to balance the energies of the body; it is different from yoga in its use of hand, rather than whole body, movements in order to access this healing. In a way, Reiki is a form of meditation that utilizes visualization and intention to calm these energies.

The Healing Power of Reiki Within You

The beautiful part about Reiki is that it is available to everyone. Every human being has the ability to calm his/her own energies through a willingness to offer self-love, combined with a few simple steps. Just as practitioners must learn to heal themselves before they are able to offer healing to others, so you must be willing to offer yourself love and acceptance in order to heal your body through Reiki.

You must first be able to identify the location of the chakras, their colors, and functions. The easiest way to remember the colors is to know that they are the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV), from tailbone to head, along the median of your body (imagine a line going through the center of your body, creating mirror images of each side of your body).

Chakra Reference Chart:

1st chakra, root, red: base of tailbone, responsible for feelings of belonging in the world; affirmation: “I deserve to be here.”

2nd, sacral, orange: below naval, creativity, confidence, and feeling worthy of pleasure; “I am creative, confident, and worthy.”

3rd, solar plexus, yellow: above naval, personal power; “I am a powerful being.”

4th, heart, green: center of chest, unconditional love for self and others; “I love myself first, so that I may love others.”

5th, throat, blue: center of throat, speaking one’s truth; “I speak my truth.”

6th, third eye, indigo: between eyebrows, intuition; “I trust myself.”

7th, crown, violet: top of head, spiritual connection; “I am connected to the source of life.”

A Simple Reiki Practice: 5 Steps to Relaxation and Bliss

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. If seated, have feet flat on the floor, with good posture.

  1. Center yourself. Take several slow deep breaths and allow your body to sink into whatever surface you are laying on. Say aloud, “I am safe.”
  2. State what you would like to achieve during this time (“I am relaxed” or “I find calm and peace”).
  3. Apply Reiki, starting with hands over the 1st chakra at your tailbone, moving towards your head.  Slowly deep-breathe, while holding your hand over each chakra for about a minute.
  4. Over each chakra, visualize the color of that chakra bathing the area, and repeat the corresponding affirmation (see chart) .
  5. Send gratitude to yourself for allowing your body this time to relax, and say to yourself, “I am worth feeling calm and peaceful.”

You Are Worth It 

“I feel energized.

“I have a good feeling about this.”

“This is my body’s intuition.” 

These expressions reveal how we sense the energies of our bodies, and how they affect us and those around us. These energies provide us knowledge of a situation that may be otherwise unseen. Through learning about Reiki and the chakras, you gain a better understanding of how this process works.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation. You are worth it, and your body will thank you in so many ways! Blessings!

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